Monday, February 13, 2012

Ogling Google

Week 7 has us looking at Google and all the things we did not know about Google. Which not knowing something about technology is not a foreign concept, hence all these things to tame. So I started with the slideshow and videos that were posted and then went to The 7 Google Search Techniques You Didn't Know Existed. Well I was feeling pretty smart because I knew most but I came across one that I I didn't, the safe search. This one I will definitely use both at home and inside the classroom. With small kids who are very tech savvy but like toys and games with grown up versions, thank you Transformers, I would like to make sure they see only the ones that pertain to them; they do not need to know who Megan Fox is just yet. Even with filters on for school what can the extra protection hurt? So let's keep ogling Google for everything we thought we knew but didn't.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Happily Evernote After...

Evernote is great. After playing around with the application I think this can be very useful in the classroom. I think once the teachers see the usefulness and the different features it has they will definitely want to use it in class. I think it will be helpful to students especially those with binders and bags that look like a disaster area.
Who wouldn't love another way to help organize information and your electronic life in general. I am all for making this the organizational happily ever(note) after we have been looking for.


Here is my wiki edit to the Learning Center wiki site. I think this is an idea that we use and like I said should explore more.

The wiki idea can be useful as a checklist for what we are doing in our classes; like a rewards chart for the teachers. We can use it as a sounding board too. We can ask questions or post what is working for us that might work for someone else. This seems like a useful tool we should explore it more.